Meet Paul

Paul has a Super fund that was set up by his employer. He never looked into it because he was young and didn’t need to worry about retirement. Some money was invested, and it would grow, and that was enough for him.

"What's actually going on?"

Then Paul left that job and got another job. They set up a Super for him as well.

He tried to learn a bit more about it this time, but there wasn’t any personalised information. The basic brochure and company package. It all looked good. And that was enough. Again.

Paul jumped around to a couple of other companies, and the story of his Super has been the same each time. Although with a bit more concern in the back of Paul’s mind.

“What’s actually going on with my super fund? How am I actually set up for retirement?” Paul thinks to himself.

Everything will be fine... Right?

Unfortunately for Paul, he now has multiple funds, each invested in unknown ways, and each being charged their own set of fees. Even worse is that Paul is not unique in this story, as this is the story of most Aussies. If we’re all in the same boat, then everything is fine, right?

Paul did something different

But Paul did something different – he called us to talk about his Super.

We showed him how he was invested, consolidated his funds (which eliminated the extra fees), and connected him to the right financial adviser for him.

The years Paul spent neglecting and worrying about his Super were resolved in a phone call during his lunch break.

How much did this call cost? Nothing.

You have the power

This is Paul’s story. But you have the power to write your own.

Write your own super story

Do you want to know the end of the story of Paul and his Super fund?

He left us a review on Google: 

“The team at AGAT were extremely accommodating and helpful. They showed me what my current superannuation setup looked like and then provided a simple solution to improve my situation in retirement. Highly recommend their service!”

Your Super fund story could be like this too. We’d be happy to write it with you.