The Super Review

It’s in everyone’s interest to look into their super periodically. We lift the hood on your super by providing a free professional review.

If you are working or have worked as a regular or full-time employee then that means you have a super fund. Your employer contributes 9.5% of your paycheck (minimum), and you may have elected to contribute additional funds through a salary sacrifice or other forms of direct contribution.

Most people don’t elect their own fund and have their employer set up the fund for them. The result is commonly a “default setup.” These setups can underperform.

After lifting the hood you have more information. This means you have power and options. Together with our partner financial advisors, we help you find opportunities for improvement by putting your current fund side by side with alternatives.

Our partners are all AFSL registered financial advisors, who offer you risk-free advice tailored to you. They analyse the hundreds of different funds and thousands of different investment options to ascertain if one of them out performs your current fund relative to your personal financial goals.

After reviewing your super most people find that they haven’t really started their own retirement plan. Many feel that this is either an annoying process or one that doesn’t need to start until they are in their 50’s.

As for the best time to start – the earlier the better.

As to whether or not it’s an annoying process… we can’t speak for other superannuation specialists, but our reps are renowned for their helpfulness and charm.

It’s easy to lose track of a fund setup by a previous employer. This is one reason why we partner with AFSL registered financial advisors. With their help, we can track down your lost funds.

We find that most people have multiple funds. This means the majority of the people we speak to are paying multiple sets of fees. At a minimum, we validate this fact and give you the information you need to make the right decision for you.

You wouldn't hire a plumber to do electrical work. So don't ask an accountant to do superannuation work. Same industry, different specialisation.

What you're likely getting now
What you get with us and our partners

If someone you cared about said they had no retirement plan or knew nothing about their super, what would you say?

No non-sense, down to earth service

I recently reviewed my financial position regarding superannuation with a consultant from AGAT. Following a thorough assessment of both my current position and options available I was introduced to a financial adviser from OakView Financial. Following an up front and hassle-free consultation I rolled my Superannuation balance into a portfolio managed by OakView Financial. I found the rollover process to be seamless and was impressed with the assistance given and the level of communication.

I have been even more impressed with the follow up offered and communication provided in this time of unprecedented uncertainty. I now feel that my portfolio is being personally managed and that I am kept informed as required, something that I have not been confident of in the past.

Thank you to the teams at AGAT and OakView Financial.

– Peter G, from Brisbane. Customer March 2020.

Review Your Super And Never Deal With Any Super Fund Non-Sense Again

Your balance at retirement age is a number – let’s try to make it bigger.