10 Ways Financial Advice Can Benefit Your Super

We work. It’s a fact of life. We exchange our precious time for money, resources, and financial security. So when it comes to ensuring that the financial decisions you’re making will put you in a better position, who do you trust?

The harsh reality is this: many people read ONE book or talk to ONE friend and then chart their entire financial future based upon the experience of ONE PERSON. Why?

This is why we research your financial situation and talk about your goals and then connect you with financial advisers who operate under an Australian Financial Services Licence.

You may think that only the very wealthy can benefit (… or afford) a financial adviser. But with Super, every Aussie has access to and is incentivized to get professional financial advice.

And, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, “if you need help developing a plan to reach your financial goals, financial advice can really make a difference. A licensed financial adviser can help you identify realistic goals, and put strategies in place to achieve them.” moneysmart.gov.au

We agree. And that’s exactly the service we provide. So…

Here’s 10 ways you and your life’s fortune can benefit from financial advice.

1. Get help setting real financial goals

How long do you need to save before buying that house you’ve been dreaming of? How can your investments help send your child to a good university? How much do you want to save and how much do you want to spend? A financial advisor can help you answer these questions and more!

2. Reach your financial goals

Not only can a financial advisor help you set goals, they can ensure that those goals are measurable and reachable. An advisor is able to help you identify long term goals, as well as short term financial goals.

3. Manage your money better

What is expensive, affordable, and a bargain is all relative to your financial goals and your financial reality.

4. Get real advice during times of change/transition

Life comes at you fast. Whether you’ve lost your job, received a promotion, or are welcoming a new child into your family – an advisor can help you navigate life’s transitions with data and expertise. During challenging times it may mean knowing what assistance is available to you and in good times it may mean illuminating opportunities you were unaware of.

5. Develop a strategy for your future

The short, medium, and long term goals you’re able to develop and discuss with your financial advisor can allow you to envision and develop your future with confidence.

6. Make the most of what you have no matter how much

In the case of financial investment, it’s not so much about how you start… it’s about how you finish. Many of us have many working years ahead of us. It’s almost never too late to start investing smartly. If you’re young and have a modest savings your projection after decades of work will make you glad you started young. Value your time spent working, value your investments, and watch them grow.

7. Plan your retirement… for real.

It’s easy to joke about retirement. And many of us dream of retiring young. But what’s your reality? We want you to know your reality and know that you have control over your financial future. Whether you want to retire at 45 and travel the world, or work until 65 and spoil your grandchildren – we want you to reach your goal.

8.Know your investment options

Most Supers are employer-nominated, meaning that you didn’t choose your investment, and neither did your employer. It’s just in a default setup. AGAT does not work for any Super. We work for you. We partner with financial advisors who’s only interest is your financial success. What Super is right for you depends on your personal finances. We only partner with the best and your success is our success.

9. Get help managing your estate

It is difficult to deal with the expected and unexpected tragedies of life. They are unavoidable. A kindness you can give to your loved ones is to have your estate in order. You don’t only work for your own interest, but in the interest of our family and loved ones. A financial advisor can ensure that you have a financial plan that includes estate planning. 

10. Make the most of your superannuation

A financial advisor thrives off of your success. A great financial advisor will consistently look for opportunities to help grow your super, and ensure that your position is always the best is can be. We only partner with trusted financial firms that have a proven success record.

We exist to help every Aussie with their Super. Let us help you too.

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Philip Richards
Philip Richards
07:23 14 Nov 19
A pleasant experience and great customer service. I am looking forward to seeing some results from the changes i have... made. All staff i spoke to were very helpful and explained things well.read more
David young
David young
07:55 08 Nov 19
Wow, what a difference compared to my old super fund. Jarrod was incredibly helpful and made the whole process... painless. I’m so glad I picked up the phone. I’m actually excited about the outcome and can’t wait to tell my family and friends.read more
Andre Massoud
Andre Massoud
22:34 07 Nov 19
Can I say that it was the best experience with a finance company I’ve ever had! Jordan was very professional, well... spoken, clear and concise and extremely knowledgeable. He allowed me time to grasp and understand the information he was sharing with me and with plenty of respect and room for questions. Highly recommendedread more
amjeck .
amjeck .
06:32 29 Oct 19
This has made working my finances. I have been able to understand all that has been done for me and feel far more... secure for my future. Jordan was a real star. He was polite and fun and helped me from start to finish. He knew his stuff and helped me too. My husband has also sorted out his finances and it has given us peace of mind. My husband also worked with Jordan and found him to be kind and considerate. Thank you so much for getting our finances back on track! We could not have done this ourselves. We would (and have) recommended AGAT Business to our friends and family.read more
scott Gray
scott Gray
09:17 24 Oct 19
Fantastic service and couldn’t rate AGAT Business high enough. Jarrod was extremely professional to help direct me... and set up my new superannuation with Netwealth who have made the transition effortless through there professionalism also. Customer care is first class and your never left waiting which is very important to meeting any concerns and needs with anything financial.read more
Neil Walker
Neil Walker
00:26 24 Oct 19
I have found all these people to be great to deal with, prompt and efficient in there work. And look after there... clients needs very well. Thank you. I recommend getting on board with them. Thanksread more
Veronica Murray
Veronica Murray
06:35 26 Sep 19
So helpful and informative was a pleasure speaking with the guys an helping me understand the financial ways of the... market hopefully we can have a long happy relationshipread more
Tina Balmer
Tina Balmer
21:10 14 Sep 19
Daniel and the team at AGAT were amazing. They explained everything clearly so we could understand and we are now going... to make alot more in our super. The ongoing support is 10 out of 10. Great to deal with.read more
Nicholas Shymansky
Nicholas Shymansky
04:43 10 Sep 19
Superannuation was never something I thought about, but after talking to the team at AGAT I realised the impact that... setting the fund up correctly can have on my retirement. I’d recommend going through the process with AGAT regardless of what your financial situation is, or what your goals are for retirement. Their team has been great to me.read more
Paul Ainsworth
Paul Ainsworth
21:18 25 Jul 19
I spoke with a nice young man who clearly wanted to help me and had my best interests at heart. He organized a... professional report and Consultation for me with a trained informative financial advisor. As a result I will now be $300,000 better off when I retire. Thank you guys you are awesome.read more
Wendy Moorcroft
Wendy Moorcroft
09:31 25 Jul 19
I cannot recommend this team more highly after the contact I have had with them thus far. I have very limited funds in... my super after spending the majority of my ‘post working’ years as a stay at home mum, so to discover I could increase my existing super by around 3 times what it would be if I did nothing within 12 years without contributions has made my day! This is only the beginning of my experience with Sean, Kyle and the team but I am confident they will be a huge influence in how I invest other funds and also be great advisers for my two sons. So thankful our paths have crossed and I look forward to an exciting few years ahead watching my little pot of gold grow into something more substantial. Thank you!!!read more
Antonio Notte
Antonio Notte
03:57 03 Jul 19
The team are friendly professional and easy to deal with! They recently did a review into my superannuation and... couldn’t be more happier with the results! Highly recommendread more
Paul Thorstensen
Paul Thorstensen
00:23 28 Jun 19
The team at AGAT were extremely accommodating and helpful. They showed me what my current superannuation setup looked... like and then provided a simple solution to improve my situation in retirement. Highly recommend their service!read more
Lachlan Harrison
Lachlan Harrison
02:50 18 Jun 19
AGAT helped me consolidate all my super, and with the advice I was thousands of dollars better off. The financial... advisers then helped me with my insurances and even my mortgage. Would definitely recommend their services!read more
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