Review and Improve your Super

Thousands have been empowered to improve their super as a result of our service.

The one-size-fits-all investment

Do you want the default?

“Underperforming superannuation products, unintended multiple accounts, & zombie insurance.” 

These are three of the main findings in a study from the Australian Productivity CommissionMillions have been put into these default accounts.

Most are unaware.

what you can do

Review and Improve your Super

Review your super to get the facts, then speak with a financial adviser who can help you find ways for improvement.

Have you been defaulted?

You wouldn’t commit to a car without lifting the hood. The same transparency should apply to your super.

Review & Compare

Review your super and get a side by side comparison with best in show investment options.

Compound Effects

A small improvement to a long-term investment like superannuation will have a compound effect year after year.

take your own advice

How would you advise your family and friends?

If someone you cared about said they had no retirement plan, what would you say to them? Would you advise them to ignore their super, or to look into it with someone who specialises in superannuation?

– Peter g. brisbane, march 2020.

"A seamless, hassle-free, thorough assessment."

“I recently reviewed my financial position regarding superannuation with a consultant from AGAT. Following a thorough assessment of both my current position and options available I was introduced to a financial advisor from OakView Financial. Following an up front and hassle-free consultation I rolled my Superannuation balance into a portfolio managed by OakView Financial. I found the rollover process to be seamless and was impressed with the assistance given and the level of communication.

I have been even more impressed with the follow up offered and communication provided in this time of unprecedented uncertainty. I now feel that my portfolio is being personally managed and that I am kept informed as required, something that I have not been confident of in the past.”

the agat guarantee

Personalised service and life-time support

We take the time to listen and learn about your financial needs. 

To us, you aren’t a number. You’re a human with financial goals and a family to take care of.

superannuation specialists

We've empowered thousands

We’re proud that our service has helped so many feel more secure about their financial future.

The corporation that administers your super will probably say you should stick with them, but we believe your business should be earned, and the numbers should do the talking. We can work exclusively in your best interest because we don’t work for them.

We work for you.