Thousands reviewed their super and are now on track for a better retirement.

What's A "Default Investment Option?"

Underperforming Superannuation Products*

Default investment options tend to underperform, regardless of the fund.

Unintended Multiple Accounts*

Multiple jobs often means multiple funds and multiple sets of fees.

Zombie Insurance*

Default accounts often come with inadequate or “zombie” insurance.

Millions of Australians have default superannuation accounts.

Do You Want To Retire With Less Money?

If you haven’t reviewed your super, you may be surprised when you learn how it’s actually performing, especially if you’re in a default account. Unfortunately, millions never review it, and learn that they’ll have less than what could have been. 

Can You Afford To Retire?

  1. Most don’t meet the minimum standard.
  2. Millions have been unknowingly put in standard accounts.
  3. The overwhelming majority are not on track to support themselves in retirement.

But you aren’t a statistic. So, what about you? Our goal is to help you retire comfortably.

Review It, Improve It

(in one arvo)

Take the responsible approach by finding out if you’re on pace for a comfortable retirement. Not happy with the performance of your current fund? No problem, we’ll help you find ways to improve it by connecting you with financial advisers. They compete for your business by finding a better way to invest your super today and until retirement age.

Learn The True Performance Of Your Super + Ways To Improve It

Choose The Best Option For You, Risk Free

You Aren't Alone

Thousands Helped

We’re proud that our service has helped so many.

Let the numbers do the talking

Your balance at retirement age is a number – and we want to help you get set up to make it bigger.