Do You Know How Your Super Is Actually Invested?

Most don’t know what’s under the hood of their superannuation.
Thousands were empowered to improve it when they found out.
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Should Everyone Be Invested The Same Way?

The "Default" Option

“Underperforming superannuation products, unintended multiple accounts, & zombie insurance.” 

These are three of the main findings in a study from the Australian Productivity CommissionMillions have been put into these default accounts. Most are unaware. Superannuation Inquiry, 2018

"Underperforming superannuation products"

Default investment options tend to under perform, regardless of which fund you are with. Superannuation Inquiry, 2018

"Unintended multiple accounts"

Multiple jobs often means multiple funds, leading to excess fees. Superannuation Inquiry, 2018

"Zombie insurance"

Default investments typically come with default insurances, whether you need them or not.

So many get defaulted because these investment setups are quick, easy and simple to mass produce.

What You Can Do

Review Your Super

If you want a strategy tailored to you, instead of something mass produced, a review is where you start. A review shows you how your super is actually invested.

Lift the Hood

Not knowing how your super is invested is like leaving the lot without popping the bonnet.

Review & Compare

Review your super and get a side by side comparison with best in show options tailored to you.

Compound Effects

Small improvements to a long-term investment like super will have a compound effect for years.

Our review and fact find service is free.

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If someone you cared about said they had no retirement plan or knew nothing about how their super was invested, what would you say? Would you advise them to continue on the same path with no plan or insight?

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